CSR - Youth Empowerment

What We Support - Financial Donations, Fundraising

Youth Empowerment

We’re passionate about youth empowerment, recognising its pivotal role in shaping a positive future. Our support extends to impactful organisations like Enactus, fostering entrepreneurial leadership, and the Outward Bound Trust, offering transformative outdoor experiences. We also back the Army Cadet Force, providing valuable opportunities for personal development and leadership training. By investing in these initiatives, we aim to equip young individuals with the skills and experiences needed to become resilient, capable leaders, ready to make a meaningful impact on the world. All our projects support youth work and contribute to our effort in supporting these organisations.

We’re dedicated to supporting the armed forces community. Through partnerships with esteemed military charities like SSAFA and Help For Heroes, designated as our Charities of the Year, we actively contribute to their well-being. We extend our support to local Cadet Forces, providing services such as website design for organisations like HSY ACF. Our commitment goes beyond philanthropy; we’ve tailored HR and recruitment policies to meet the unique needs of armed forces personnel, including reservists and service leavers. Join us in championing this cause as we create an inclusive environment that recognises and values the skills of those who have served our country, contributing to their successful integration into civilian life.

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What We Support - Financial Donations

UNSDG6 - Access to clean water

One of our primary CSR objectives is to champion the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6 (UNSDG6), centred on ensuring the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. We acknowledge that access to clean water is a fundamental human right and a cornerstone for the well-being of communities globally. Through collaborations with organisations like WaterAid, we strive to contribute to the realisation of UNSDG6 by providing essential resources and infrastructure to communities in need. Our commitment to water sustainability aims to cultivate healthier, more resilient communities, empower individuals, and construct a more just and sustainable future for all. Join us in supporting UNSDG6 and WaterAid as we endeavour to make a meaningful and enduring difference in the lives of those who need it most. Together, we can forge a world where everyone has access to the essential requisites for a dignified and fulfilling life.

What We Support - Volunteering, Donation Of Services

Community Improvement

We value community engagement through volunteering as a catalyst for positive change. Recognising the essential role of small charities, youth groups, and CICs, we are dedicated to community improvement through complimentary website design projects. By offering free services, we empower these organisations with a robust online presence, amplifying their impact and facilitating broader community connections. Working with us supports community growth and positive change through our commitment to volunteerism and free services for those making a difference. Together, let’s build stronger, more vibrant communities.