Fittle is a health and wellness company that recently launched a new product called Fittle Box. Our goal was to help them redesign their existing Shopify website to better showcase this new product and improve its overall performance.

Project Information




Website Design, SEO, Content Writing



Launch Site

The Process

Our goal was to help Fittle create a website that effectively showcased their new product and helped them attract more customers and grow their business.

To achieve this, we redesigned the website with a clean and modern layout that highlighted the Fittle Box and made it easy for customers to learn about and purchase the product. We also optimized the website for search engines by implementing best practices for on-page SEO, as well as improving the website’s loading speed and mobile responsiveness.

In addition to the design and SEO, we also integrated the Fittle Box into Fittle’s branding and overall online presence. This included updating their social media profiles and advertising campaigns to promote the new product.

The Results

Crafting a web design for a startup yields transformative results, serving as a virtual storefront and a potent tool for brand establishment. The design, reflecting Fittle’s identity, enhances online presence, driving traffic and fostering trust. A successful website is not just a platform but a dynamic online presence propelling the business forward in the competitive landscape.