Armed Forces Covenant

Signing the Armed Forces Covenant holds profound significance for One SC Media, reflecting our unwavering commitment to principles that ensure fair and equitable treatment for the Armed Forces Community. By pledging to uphold these principles, we aim to create an environment where no member of the Armed Forces Community faces disadvantage in public and commercial services. We recognise that in certain circumstances, special treatment may be necessary, particularly for those who are injured or bereaved.

Our commitment extends beyond mere words; it is demonstrated through a comprehensive set of actions outlined in the covenant. We actively promote our organisation as Armed Forces-friendly, acknowledging the value that serving personnel, reservists, veterans, and military families bring to One SC Media and our country. This includes supporting the employment of veterans and Service spouses, granting leave flexibility, and offering additional support for reservists, cadet organisations, and national events.

Supporting Armed Forces charities, providing commercial support through discounts, and actively encouraging staff to engage in charitable initiatives further underline our dedication to the covenant. Our commitment is not only a reflection of our social responsibility but also a strategic investment in building a diverse and skilled workforce. Veterans and members of the Armed Forces Community bring unique skills, resilience, and a strong work ethic, enhancing team dynamics and contributing to a positive workplace culture.

In addition, the recent recognition with the silver award from the Employer Recognition Scheme serves as a testament to One SC Media’s commitment and actions. This award demonstrates that we are being acknowledged and celebrated for the tangible efforts we have undertaken to support the Armed Forces Community. It reinforces our position as an organisation that goes beyond mere pledges, actively contributing to the welfare and recognition of those who have dedicated themselves to the service of our nation.

In summary, signing the Armed Forces Covenant is crucial for One SC Media as it aligns with our values of fairness, equality, and social responsibility. The benefits of supporting the Armed Forces Community are multifaceted, encompassing a diverse and skilled workforce, positive team dynamics, enhanced corporate social responsibility, and a positive image within our community. The silver award further validates our commitment and showcases our ongoing efforts to support and honour the contributions of the Armed Forces Community.


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