4 Beginner Steps To Building Your Personal Brand On Social Media

Sharing content online gives you the freedom to craft an online ‘persona’ that reflects you, your values and professional skills. Everything you share, create or react to feeds into the public narrative. Conducting yourself online is JUST as important as your behaviour offline especially when it comes to building a digital marketing career.

Building a personal brand or social media takes work! Landing your next job opportunity and making valuable connections is possible if you follow the steps.

Give your Social Media accounts a FULL update

Select which social media accounts you are going to focus on improving. Delete and old accounts which you no longer use. This will help you feel organized and focused on the correct profiles. When updating, make sure all of your information is accurate and complete. Doing this will improve your ability to grow traffic and direct to the networks that will showcase yourself and your aim/work.

Identify what you are good at/area of expertise

Everyone is good at SOMETHING. Whether its creating really great content or having a photographic memory- we are all good at something!

Have a think about what people want to see- what’s trending? What content could you create that will get a bigger response from your following? Take your own spin on relevant content and your followers will start to think of you as a leader in your chosen field! Become unique.

Share and post content regularly

Over-posting leads to fatigue and annoyance which drives away following. Finding a balance and planning for it will help massively. Start by making a schedule based on what days and times you will post. Posting around 3-4 times a week is usually effective and works well.

If you are struggling to find content to share and want more insight into what is popular, search via social media hashtags or sign up for google alerts!

Import your contacts

Its amazing to see how many people we already know, and have in our phone contacts that are already on the same social media networks you are using! Import your email contacts from Gmail, outlook or your chosen email site, and contacts from your phonebook. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all allow a free import of contacts.

A list of tips

  • Challenge and motivate yourself
  • Push you to achieve your goals
  • Gain confidence
  • Help others
  • Make friends
  • Receive feedback
  • Test your knowledge
  • Develop leaderships skills and qualities
  • Discover new opportunities