Do you need a web designer?

Well the short answer is no. But should you get one, yes. 

We’ll explain. We understand we may be bias but there’s a few reasons we say this. Hiring a web designer is never an easy task. Even if you understand web design and CMS, it can get very difficult and you can run into many problems along the way. It helps even more if you don’t fully know what you want yet as designers can suggest ideas that you may never have come up with. Some agencies also include SEO and also do marketing (like ours) to get your website to its full potential but its always your choice. 

If you’re really wanting to do it on the cheap then we would recommend you to try out WordPress. A quick google and some youtube videos will help you get setup from roughly £5-£15 a month just for the hosting, and there’s tons of plugins you can use to help you out. If you need you can ping us an email and we wouldn’t mind giving you a helping hand and some pointers.

But when it comes down to experience there are few who are actually able to pull it off. Take us for example I recon about a quarter of our staff have in depth experience in web design and we are a digital media agency. This isn’t a problem for us as that’s still a lot of people and everyone has different roles from marketing to HR but everyone has experience in their respective fields whether it be web design, SEO, content writing, IT etc. The problem usually is that they oversell their services or expertise, and their clients end up unhappy, and looking for a new web design company just a short time later. More times than not, the issue has more to do with the fact that the person designing your website, is often on the other side of the world. Or they might inflate the services they offer just to look better. We’re not like that and we have lots of expertise in all our services but not everyone is the same. 


But how do you choose the right web design agency?

Well we would say that this depends on a whole range of factors. But there are a few things to look out for, look for a company with staff that can answer your basic questions on the spot, without having to research it and get back to you. Find someone who can manage your project, and at least can show you some examples of their work or if its a larger agency some client testimonials. Finally, make sure they are a reputable company with good reviews, a good business history and a company who you really believe you can work with. Do you trust your project to a company with only a few years experience? Also ask for quotes, don’t be afraid to shop around but we would say watch out for agencies that offer fixed fee services as they might not be right for you. You might be able to get the same thing cheaper elsewhere and it may be lacking on certain features. A good agency gives you a custom quote based on your needs and something that you can negotiate to ensure you get the best deal. You really need to check out the whole package before signing up with anyone even if its not us. If you want to find out more about us click here.

But good luck, we hope you make the right decision