How Paid Advertising Can Help You Succeed (PPC)

Paid advertising is a word many people like to throw about – but what does it actually mean?

Simply put, paid advertising is just paying others to promote your content/product!



One of the most popular and most efficient methods of paid advertising is Pay-Per-Click. This method has become what it is mainly through services such as Google Ads, which adopt a Pay-Per-Click policy. What this means is that businesses only need to pay every time a potential customer CLICKS on your advertisement. The pricing for Pay-Per-Click varies, and tends to vary in relation to demand for your keywords, and the quality of your advert. But is Pay-Per-Click worth it? Absolutely! I could not recommend it more. It is cheap, relative to other methods, and it is a great way to make your name known. Great services to utilise for this are Google, Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Microsoft!



There are two formats you can use for your PPC advertising; Search ads, and display ads. Both will provide brilliant results, but of course there are some differences!

Search ads are what we call “PULL” advertisements… This is because they PULL in potential customers already looking for similar products/services. Sometimes, this can mean a higher sale rate, but can also mean less potential customers see it. If your product/service is in high demand, and views wont be a problem, search ads could be for you!

Display ads are known as “PUSH” advertisements… They PUSH customers onto your services or product. These customers may not have known they needed your product, but hopefully, they will now! Display ads are shown to everyone, and so have a higher view count, but a lower click through rate as unfortunately not everyone will recognise their need for your product/service! If demand for your product/service is rather niche at the moment, but you think it could go big, or you are simply looking for exposure, display ads could be for you!


PPC Statistics

How can you resist paid advertising, when:

  • PPC via Google has a whopping 11.38% click-through rate! (Sparktoro, 2019)

  • 75% of people said search ads helped them find information on their query! 33% said they clicked on a search ad because it directly answered their query! (Search Engine Land, 2019)

  • Businesses tend to make $2 for every $1 spent on PPC, through Google Ads! (Google)

  • PPC can increase brand awareness by up to 80%! (Google)

  • Display advertising can increase web traffic by 300%! (Visually)

  • There are currently 300,000 mobile apps serving Google Mobile Ads! Thats a lot of potential customers! (Creative Roots Marketing)

  • There are over 160 BILLION Google searches every month! Seems like a perfect place for some pull advertising!

  • 97% of consumers look online for their products/services – even if they are local!

Hopefully this information helps you come to the right conclusion about paid advertising! We love it, and we hope you learn to as well! And remember – One SC Media are always here to help if you need help with your marketing solutions! 

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