Maximising Your Advertising Potential With Pay Per View

Pay-per-view/Cost-per-view… More advertising words you hear a lot of! But what actually is it? And how can it help your business succeed?

Pay-per-view simply means you pay for every person who sees the advert. This is regardless of their interaction with your advert. You might be wondering, why, then, would I pay for this when I could pay for pay-per-click advertising and pay less?

Advantages of PPV

The answer is simpler than you might expect. Pay-per-click is advertised discretely and contextually, showing in specified slots to the side of a browser or page. Pay-per-view is shown as a pop-up. This tends to mean a higher interaction rate, and leaves more of an impression on the potential customer. This is one of the reasons that PPV is known for driving large volumes of traffic to your website/product page.

Other Advantages:

  • It tends to cost very little, perhaps from only 0.015 cents per view!

  • You don`t actually need to create an ad! You can simply serve up part of your website, or even just an affiliate link!
  • The potential customers attention is focused on the ad as it is the only thing on screen – no competition, no distractions!

There are, however, always some drawbacks:

Disadvantages of PPV

  • A lot of PPV ad companies serve up ads to things like mobile gaming apps and other free apps – This means there isn’t always a wide availability of your target audience to view your ad!
  • The ads can be disruptive, annoying potential customers and making them close the ad instead of clicking through it!
  • Not all advertisers allow PPV, due to its disruptive nature!
  • There are few quality PPV networks – But some of our favourites are Trafficvance (now Propel Media) and GoogleAds!
  • PPV networks tend to have higher deposit rates – Up to $1000!!


PPV Statistics

How can you resist PPV, when:

  •  90% of searchers haven’t made up their minds on a brand when searching – A perfect time for a pop-up!
  •  For every $1.60 spent on Google AdWords, a business is likely to make $3!
  • In just TWO years, Sumo collected email addresses of 23,645,948 people via pop-ups!
  • Conversion rates can get up to 11%!

Hopefully this information helps you come to the right conclusion about pay-per-view! We love it, and we hope you learn to as well! And remember – One SC Media are always here to help if you need help with your marketing solutions! 

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