What editing software should I use?

Well the real answer to this is it depends on what you use it for and what you need it for. So if its for photo editing we suggest adbobe photoshop or lightroom. But for basic tasks you might be able to get the same functionality from a free program like adobe spark or gimp.

But if you’re wanting to video edit you’ll need to take some other things into consideration. If its just a simple edit to put together clips you might want to use adobe spark or adobe rush but if its more of a complex edit you’ll need to make sure your PC is able to handle the software as editing software is quite demanding on a computer. For this we use Adobe Premier Pro or for a free version Da Vinci Resolve is really good. Some of our editors prefer using this and it is really powerful software that you can get for comletely free.

But its your choice and the decision is really up to you. 

It might be a matter of personal preference or minimum requirements but that’s up to you